You and Me

Following 15 years of operation, profound thinking and recognition of every bride’s needs, while bearing in mind the current economic situation and the wedding industry which can get carried away and lose proportion, we have still remained attentive.
We have established a unique, boutique and intimate concept called SMART BRIDE which will accompany you through your personal march towards becoming a bride.
Here you will receive the highest quality service at the most affordable cost.
Our boutique is a smart store that draws together each one of the bride’s necessities, from the initial step of choosing a dress, all the way to the look’s finishing point, through the small and big details of the hair style, makeup, accessories, jewelry, the styling and more.
One of our main goals is not only achieving a flawless look with the finest fabric, materials and couture sewing, but also providing our brides a meaningful and pleasurable experience.

Always available to you,
Naama and the team.
Hours of operation:
Sunday- Thursday
10:00 am- 07:00 p.m
For setting an appointment contact us.

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