Trash the dress

Trash the dress

So what is Trash the Dress?
Trash the Dress is a unique concept that has come to us all the way from the USA, in which the groom and bride go through a special photographing day where they jointly trash the bridal dress, the Holy of Holies, surely the most spoken of item of every typical Israeli wedding. The wedding is impending, tension and pressure are at their peak and what better way is there to ease the stress and break the ice in a mutually fun way?

The shooting can be done in any place and any way which you come up with- from a mud or gouache pool, through sea dipping or a food fight to ripping, cutting or burning of the dress. Trash the Dress can tell your story as a couple by choosing the filming location at the site where you met or incorporating a shared hobby or a common subject of interest. For example, you can have yourselves photographed going wild in a messy food fight at one of your regular restaurants. There are numerous and different themes for Trash shootings and its main aim is to be original, authentic and enjoy yourselves!

Why actually?
The Trash the Dress shooting can be utilized in various forms. In addition to relieving the pressure, taking part in an informal, silly and pleasurable production, you will receive professional photos that can decorate the wedding invitations, printed on on the pre-invitation also known as “Save the Date”, made into a funny video clip to be screened at the wedding, provide you with a professionally edited set of stills prior to the wedding and, last but not least, it allows you the opportunity to widen your impressions and deepen your relationship with the photographer who will be at your side on your grand day.

So what does this festival entail?
– A proficient photographer
– A personal and original theme
– A groovy location
– Low- cost groom suit and bridal dress
– Professional makeup, preferably one which will be resistant to the “hardship” you are about to endure (it is recommended to take advantage of the makeup tryout), and simple and comfortable hairdo.

Our boutique will present you with a wide assortment of bridal dresses that are just suited for this type of production and are at a funny cost between 500-1200 NIS.

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Trash the dress

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