The bride’s essentials checklist for the wedding day

The bride’s essentials checklist for the wedding day

A properly equipped bag guarantees you with the ultimate security which every woman needs on such a grandiose event. Often, when getting ready to leave for an important trip or task our heads buzz with “what did I leave out of my bag?” Therefore, we have assembled for you an orderly and even inflated (you can always cross out the unnecessary stuff) checklist of everything that you need for the wedding day and wedding night.

A bag for the wedding day:
●       Good quality tissues (for sponging sweat and tears)
●       Rice paper (for those with oily skin)
●       Face powder (for revitalizing and retaining the matte makeup look)
●       Wet wipes (as stain removers)
●       Gloss (for refreshing the lips look without a need for a mirror)
●       Talcum (for those suffering from intertrigo and excessive sweating)
●       Plasters (in case of shoes warts)
●       Skin color hosiery (is also effective with new shoes)
●       Deodorant/perfume
A bag for the wedding night:
●       Shampoo/ conditioner
●       Body gel
●       Makeup remover, cotton wool
●       Body lotion, facial lotion
●       Hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste
●       A small basic makeup pouch
●       White undergarments
●       Hair dryer
●       A nice and comfortable outfit for the next morning/shoes
●       Cell phone and charger

If we have left out an item, mail us and we will gladly update the list for all of you.

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