The Bride’s Ten Commandments

The Bride’s Ten Commandments

The Bride’s Ten Commandments:
The Bible for the Bride- to- Be

Following 15 years of intensive experience in accompanying brides, this year I have made up my mind to gather for you the most common questions which my team and I frequently come upon. I aligned the questions’ highlights alongside the answers which every bride needs and wants to know. And so, I present you with the bible for the bride- to- be:

1. How to choose your wedding dress?

This is the million dollar question.The variety is huge! It seems that there are countless possibilities. However, the initial sorting among the bridal gown designers is relatively simple, and can be done on- line from home or work.
My suggestion is that you visit the venues and sites whose line of design is to your liking. But beforehand, take the time to read recommendations and feedbacks from their former customers. It is essential to ensure that your service providers are of high professionality and quality, and that they will provide you, along with the dress, an enjoyable and meaningful creating process.
It is preferable that you choose a designer from your town of residence. The making of the dress requires a number of fitting sessions. It is nicer when the studio is easily reachable, especially when skipping a day at work or school can be avoided. My mantra in choosing the wedding dress is: pick a design that compliments your figure, a dress in which you will be enchanted by your marvelous looks.
If you choose a dress in which you can comfortably move around, which fabric and sewing is of top quality and the cost is affordable, and is provided by attentive and courteous professionals, then BINGO you have found your dress!

2. How to cry without smudging your makeup?

The wedding day is quite emotionally packed. It abounds with excitement, fears and worries, sometimes even annoyance with things not working out as planned, with unsupportive persons, or even due to hormonal shifts. One state is common to almost all brides: the urge to cry. The marriage ceremony (the “Chuppah”) is commonly the moment which pierces almost all brides’ tears sacs.
So how will you go through your big day without having your makeup running? First and foremost, find a good makeup artist who applies excellent professional makeup products. These should be based on silicon and Mica (as well as other ingredients) making the tears and sweat “slide” over the face without smearing the makeup. When the tears are already trickling down, use a good quality tissue to sponge them by a few delicate taps but, with no wiping. Never use wet wipes!
And when we cry our noses run too… so what do we do?… We gently dry with the same soft and good quality tissue, but why thoroughly?! We can swallow some without anyone noticing…
And there is the “aunt with the lipstick” who charges in and plants a hearty kiss on the bride’s cheek. The solution: offer your ear so your body language conveys: “I have makeup on!!!” and you have managed to dodge the terrorist.
False eyelashes are a fine choice, even with natural makeup, but it is safer to use single lashes, they look natural and will not dislocate even when crying, unlike the full set.

3. Will my hairdo hold until the end of the wedding?

We have all heard horror stories of hairdos that fell apart during the wedding, even already at the beginning of the event. Unlike in the case of the makeup, most hairstyle designers do not do a hair design tryout but only “demonstrate” since the constructing of the hairdo takes between an hour and a half to two hours (also the natural and sloppy ones). Like all first-rate professionals, a top-quality hair stylist will apply the best and most cutting- edge products. This still does not guarantee the hairdo’s durability throughout a whole evening of dancing. The best method is (something we ask our clients to do once we have completed styling their hair) is a good shake from side to side and if a loose spot is detected it will immediately be fastened with an additional pin… anyways there are lots of them. It is imperative that the pins will be obscurely attached as to lend the coiffure a natural and soft look.

4. Getting married and you “must” lose weight?

Almost every bride who has come to our boutique to try on a dress begins with: “I plan to lose weight before my wedding day…”
Indeed, a good number of brides wish to lose weight before their grand day with the purpose of looking their best, but how will it be done? And more importantly, how will it be done wisely and successfully? We have been exposed to so many diets and methods for losing weight- like the instant diet where eating a single type of food guarantees a rapid weight loss. Unfortunately, this kind of diet is inefficient as a quick loss becomes a quick gain. Many women who diet on solely proteins are not aware of the fact that when at deprivation of carbs they are prone to damages such as depression and kidney impairment. Other questioned diets are muscles contraction electrodes, appetite suppressant cactus sprays, capsules that steal away your memory of the need to eat, and I am sure somewhere in the world a startup company is launching a new kind of fairy dust.
Girls, let us get a grip! Any extreme shift in our food consumption will generate an extreme reaction such as depression, irritation, rapid weight gain, hair loss, irregularity of the menstrual cycle and most commonly, a sunken and pale face. So what can we do?
First and foremost, choose a dress that flatters you right from the start!!! Later on if you really want to lose weight, internalize the fact that “sprint runs” are unwarranted and, instead, combine some sports activity with a nutrition plan that is smartly adjusted to your lifestyle. The routine of a woman who works in an office where regular meals are available is different from that of a student or a sales agent who do not run a regular schedule. For this goal, there are professionals who specialize in structuring balanced menus to meet your individual needs (and I will be glad to recommend those who left me with a good impression). In a nutshell, you want to be healthy, beautiful, radiant and joyful so say goodbye to “only lettuce until the wedding”.

5. How to choose the bridal shoes?

Most women LOVE shoes but on your wedding day pick a pair which is comfortable and not only lovely. Prettiness and comfort is not a rare combination. For at least 10 hours, you will be standing, walking, dancing and swaying, all but sitting, in these shoes. Good posture lends a woman her noble appearance and a woman carrying herself steady and erect is a splendid sight. Try matching the shoes with the setting’s conditions. For example, if you are getting married on grass covered terrain or on a wooden deck don’t wear slim heels shoes as it is most likely that the heel will dig into the ground or the deck’s cracks. Similarly, heeled sandals are unfit for gravel or soil.

6. How do I go to the bathroom in my wedding dress?

Without going into too many awkward details… however, this is an inevitable realistic occurrence. Although in the last years the most fashionable and trendy dresses have become more lightly managed, you are still facing a maxi dress which has at least two layers and is often supplemented by shapewear or pantyhose. Occasionally, the dress is even a thigh- hugging mermaid dress.
So this is how it’s done: no need for escorts. You excuse yourself to go to the handicapped stall for the reason of it being more spacious. Make sure that there are no water puddles on the floor. You lift the whole skirt up to your waist and cast it forward so all the material pours at the front of your body and even touches the floor. Now you are free to proceed with your doings… At the end of the act flatten out all the dress layers going from the lining all the way to the exterior layer. For this part you can be assisted by an escort.

7. How to be photogenic and be at ease in front of the camera?

Nearly all of us experience uneasiness when we are at the focus of the lens, it’s only natural. For most of us it takes about half an hour before we relax and become stress- free and casual in the presence of the recording lens. Only then the flattering shots start flowing out smoothly. This is why it’s important that you choose a photographer with whom you can have some good chemistry. Needless to say that you must check out the photographer’s portfolio and especially collect impressions from the shooting of the bride’s preparations and the pre- wedding photo tour with the groom (or without in the case of religious brides), since these are the most beautiful pictures from the wedding day. The more natural and soft your motion will be the more charming you will come out. Unwind your neck, relax your shoulders and arms and try to move continually and slowly. For example: rather than running up the stairs, climb them in a slow and steady pace, slightly like a ballet dancer. Try to be conscious of tilting your head, your smile, your hand gestures and your posture. In fact, the emphasis should be on the upper part of the body because the legs are invisible in your dress, and can only be sensed by your movement. Smile, love the way you look, you are at your best. Also trust your photographer, he will smartly direct you once he spots a good frame.

8. You are about to meet unfamiliar people at your wedding? How to manage it gracefully.

It is quite possible that you might come upon the awkward situation of meeting unfamiliar guests who have come to participate in your celebration. This is the time to adopt a diplomatic manner. Always smile and prepare in advance some key sentences that will sound respectable and get you out safe and sound, such as: congratulations to you too, may we meet only on joyous occasions, thank you for coming, I hope you are enjoying yourselves, etc.

9. How do we handle sweat?

I have two words for you: talcum and “Hlavin” products. The Hlavin products must be used a day or two prior to the event and talcum must be spread on your body before putting on the dress.

10. Photography locations- Winter/Summer

Our magnificent Jerusalem has endless stunning sites for taking wedding pictures but they should be wisely selected. It is particularly significant when extreme weather conditions arise such as a heat wave or rain. In winter, it is nicer to choose unique locations such as the YMCA Three Arches Hotel, lobbies of some of the boutique hotels that are scattered around the city, the First Railway Station, the new Malha Railway Station, the Technological Garden, the Machane Yehuda Market, various cafes, and so on, provided that the weather is dry. On hot summer days, it is preferable to stroll shaded places such as narrow alleys or where trees are abundant. The Biblical Zoo is wonderful but is not suitable for warm days since it has no shaded areas.

The Bride’s Ten Commandments

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